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Your name:______________

Affiliation: ______________

Please attach a CV


Proposed title of your module:

Please keep it relatively brief, but descriptive



Brief description of the contents of the module:

Please include periodization and location data as well as thematic and topical information



What enduring question will the module help students to address?:

Examples: How are human societies similar and different? How have humans understandings of the cosmos changed over time? Is America  a land of opportunity? Are the benefits of progress worth the cost?  Why and how does innovation happen?



How will the module fit into a global or US history course at the introductory level?:

How do you imagine it will be used? At what point in the semester or quarter is it likely to be used? How many class sessions will it take?  What resources will you make available to students and to teachers? How will it address core curriculum for courses such as this one?



What skill or competency will the module introduce or reinforce?:

Examples: Thick reading of a single source (analysis), Converging multiple sources (synthesis), Communicating analytics and advocacy, Teamwork (and multiple perspectives), Working with secondary sources (recognizing the past as constructed, evaluating competing explanations), Historical empathy (towards historical sources and towards colleagues in the present) Working continuity and change, Causality, Significance




What pedagogical approaches will be supported and utilized in the module lesson plan?

Examples: lecture, group work, independent research, discussion



What assessments will be supported and utilized in the module lesson plan?

Examples: in-class participation, brief responses, essays, worksheets, etc. Please include both formative and summative assessments



How long will it take you to prepare this module?

Please state a proposed delivery date



Why is this module a significant one for students in an introductory course?

Please make an argument here for the significance of this module for a wide and diverse community of students around the world and/or in the United States



Why are you the right person to design this module?

Please tell us about briefly about your knowledge of pedagogy, teaching experience or philosophy, and scholarship in this area


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