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Your name:______________

Affiliation: ______________

I have read and understood the values and expectations of the H/21 project: ______


1. Proposed title of your MRE: Please keep it relatively brief, but descriptive


2. Brief description of the contents of the MRE: Please include periodization and location data as well as thematic and topical information


3. How will the MRE fit into a global or US history course at the introductory level?: How do you imagine it will be used? At what point in the semester or quarter is it likely to be used? How many class sessions will it take?  What resources will you make available to students and to teachers?


4. What skills or competencies will the module introduce or reinforce appropriate to introductory college course, and at what level?: Examples: Reading, analyzing and interpretating primary sources; written and oral communication skills; fostering empathy for diverse perspectives); reading, analyzing and utilizing secondary sources; understanding historical thinking.


5. What pedagogical approaches will be utilized in the MRE? Examples: class discussion, group work, short lectures


6. What assessments will be supported and utilized in the MRE? Examples: in-class participation, brief responses, essays, worksheets, etc. Please include both formative and summative assessments


7. How long will it take you to prepare this module?: Please present a proposed schedule, including an expected delivery date.


8. Why will this MRE feel significant for students in an introductory course? Please make an argument here for the significance of this module for a wide and diverse community of students around the world or in the US. Remember that H/21’s MRE are designed to be student-centered, that is, they start from students as they are, not as we wisht they would be.


9. Why are you the right person to design this module? Please tell us about briefly about your knowledge of pedagogy, your experience teaching this topic, and/or your scholarship in this area


10. Will you be able to secure permissions? Rights to published materials must be secured by the module author in most instances. 



Please attach a CV



H/21 is a collaborative project. Others may comment on or modify what you submit.

H/21 is committed to high quality, so all modules will be subject to peer review and editorial comment.

H/21 materials will be made available at no charge to students and educators. Authors will agree to assign all rights to these materials to H/21.

H/21 provides a stipend to authors.

Authors will be recognized in the H/21 website and in the materials they author as having produced peer-reviewed scholarship aimed at effective education.

Securing usage rights for previously published material is always a challenge.  Rights to published materials must be secured by the module author in most instances.  Please be mindful as you compile materials.  Please also include citations and links for your materials where appropriate.

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