History for the 21st Century

History for the 21st Century (H21) is a grant-funded, collaborative project designed primarily to serve students in introductory college history courses and their instructors. We hope you will join us as we build, assess, and progressively improve an enquiry-based, modular curriculum that is free to students and instructors. Our project is based on the following principles:

  • This is a student-centered project. We meet our students where they are. We are interested in understanding what students bring to our courses as well as what they leave with.
  • H21 is also a faculty-centered project. We are committed to re-examining our own teaching and helping each other to teach better.
  • We are responsive to the changing environments in which our students are learning and we are teaching.
  • We believe that History is important to 21st century America and our world, both for its subject matter and the skills it invokes.
  • Building a community of practice can improve our collective efficacy as teachers and inform our discipline. all materials will be made available at no charge to students and instructors.

Once you register, feel free to explore the different parts of this project, and to consider becoming both a user of this material and a contributor. This site will include two sections of content ready to be used in your introductory history course.

  • — Our World In Time (World History) and
  • — All America (US History) (coming in 2022).

In the News section, you can also find information about the Conference that launched our project, including statements on teaching and learning written by contributors. In time, we will also be organizing seminars more discussion of how to improve teaching and learning!

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