5-6 sessions

This module explores five sets of developments during 1905 as a basis of understanding modernity and globalization: the Russo-Japanese War, the Russian Revolution, the British partition of Bengal, the (non-progress of women’s rights, and Einstein’s annus mirabilis. Students will consider the connection between history (the events/developments) and History (the study of the past).

Introduction for Instructors

Student Readings

1905 introduction for students

1905.0 Thinking Historically

1905.1 Intro

1905.2 Russo-Japanese War

1905.3 A Russian Revolution

1905.4 partition of bengal

1905.5 Women

1905.6 Science and Uncertainty

Lecture Powerpoints

1905.1 Intro

1905.2 RJ War

1905.3 RusRev

1905.4 Bengal


1905.6. Science and Uncertainty

Additional Material

1905.5 women biblio

1905.5 women.you are there


1905 (all components- 95MB zipped)

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